Are There Holistic Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatments And Cures?

Is there a cure for breast cancer using holistic natural stage 4 breast cancer treatments or other kinds of complementary alternative medicine therapies for breast cancer? Are the alternative breast cancer treatments following surgery better than conventional medicine's breast cancer therapies after surgery? Are the herbal natural breast cancer treatments from India better than alternative breast cancer treatments in England? There are many alternative and holistic healing therapies in cancer medicine to decide from. Furthermore, the sick care industry's treatments consisting of radiology and chemotherapy are experientially too harsh for some patients to endure. Some who have breast cancer may decide to seek alternative and natural breast cancer cures and treatments, however this definitely depends on their individual situation, condition, diagnosis and more. First and foremost, the patient should work with a medically trained holistic health practitioner doctor no matter what they decide to do.

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One of the best known complementary alternative holistic breast cancer treatments available is Essiac Tea. This king of cancer fighting herbs is recommended in books about alternative treatments or a holistic natural cure for breast cancer. The tea is the name Caisse spelled backwards, in honor of Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse who developed this tea to be one of the best alternative herbal cancer treatments. During her life, she never charged for the remedy passed onto her by an Ojibway Indian and never sought to profit from it. The four main ingredients in her formula are native to Ontario and the formula itself is thought to come from the Ojibway Indian tribe of Canada which claimed it was a cure for breast cancer and other types of cancer. It is a blend of Slippery Elm Bark, Burdock Root, Indian Rhubarb Root and Sheep Sorrel. Caisse lived to be 90 years old and some people claim she brought to the modern world the very best of the natural cures for breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Those who are considering holistic alternative treatments for stage 4 breast cancer are warned by oncologists that during periods of conventional treatment like chemotherapy and radiology, there should be no supplements, herbs, antioxidants or anything else of that nature imbibed. The reason is because these may protect the cancer cells in addition to the normal cells, thus canceling out the effects of the treatment. However if the patient is seeing a holistic medical doctor and these conventional treatments are not used or if a patient has not died from the conventional treatments and is in remission from the chemo etc. and wants to try one of the alternative breast cancer treatments it is something they should definitely explore with a highly trained holistic doctor who is a specialist in that area. No alternative treatments for breast cancer should be started without a lot of research done by the prospective patient in conjunction with the advice of a holistic medical doctor or holistic physician.

Using holistic breast cancer treatments following surgery, plus the claim that there could be a holistic cure for breast cancer are practices and ideas not widely accepted in the allopathic medical establishment. However, some alternative treatments for breast cancer or specialized holistic herbal treatments for breast cancer may be offered at holistic healing centers or even some holistic stage 4 breast cancer centers around the world. Whether or not they are an option for you or a loved one depends on individual medical circumstances. You could call a holistic doctor involved in holistic healing for breast cancer and ask them what holistic and natural breast cancer treatments are offered. One thing is established, and that is food for cancer patients rich in cancer fighting vitamins, herbs, and alkaline foods certainly can't hurt the cause of cancer prevention. However for those already diagnosed, a holistic medical doctor or physician trained in traditional oncology should be sought for advice.

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